Education Is Important Or Valuable

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When students hear the word “education”, they associate it with the word school and a picture of an angry teacher commanding them to do things. It is rare for students to announce that education is important or valuable. When a person is given the opportunity to observe a school environment in depth, they would witness how students lack motivation to go to school since they think of it as a prison. They would witness how students are cramming and rushing to do their homework at lunch because they did not bother to do it at home. They would witness how, sometimes, teachers leave students on their own to avoid work. Education has been taken advantage of and dismissed. The mere talk of knowledge and school makes young people cringe and feel…show more content…
It is time to start to take advantage of the free education that is given and start appreciating it. Acquiring an education enlightens us with the truth behind the things that concern us. People might put that it is better to know less, but ignorance is not bliss nor heaven; it is a dark cave that hides us from the light of the truth and education is the agent that takes off the blindfold. Mark Twain is one of the people that argues that education robs the “romance and the beauty” (Paragraph 4) of the things that surrounds us. He argues in his essay, “Two Views of Mississippi”, that once was the river a wonderful book to him, but after learning much about it, he concludes that he is now flooded with the danger and the dreadful things that the river offers. Although one can see Twain’s point of view and how it connects to the popular proverb that “Ignorance is bliss”, one can argue that it is up to a person’s choice on how he or she would view situations even with its suggestive danger. Students whose “danger” is possibly failing a class or disappointing people, like Twain, are often led to believe that failing is the worst thing that could happen to their educational career or life. The knowledge that there could be “danger” when students pursue or try new things forces them to stay comfortable and cease to try. A common occurrence in a high school environment is that a student would not take Honors or accelerated classes
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