Education Is Learning What You Didn 't So Know

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Saud Faraj

ENG 015S

As Daniel J. Boorstin said, “Education is learning what you didn 't even know you didn 't know.”

Everyone should be entitled for an education, no one should be deprived from it, thus governments or people who have the authority and power must provide it to their community. Major movements should be put into place to ensure that every person, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or any other characteristic, would get an education at some point in their lives, especially children.

It is especially important to children as it is a primary socialisation is education at home which is very essential for a child’s educational growth, parents must provide this form of socialisation to their child. A child accepts and learns a set of norms and values based on their culture, these are established by the parents in the process of socialization.

When children are put into educational facilities, they get a chance to connect and surround themselves with others of the same age group. Schools can also have significant influence on a person’s individuality as well as peer groups, which influence a student’s academic integrity greatly. A student will not perform well no matter what the case is, if there is negative influence from his peers and their school environment. They affect a person’s attitude, personality in a positive or negative manner.

People of the same age group feel some sort of relation to each other, so they usually tend to each other and affect
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