Education Is Mandatory For All Children

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Education is mandatory for all children. Every child is expected to go to school seven hours five days a week, and then to spend another three to four hours on homework daily. There is a quote by Mark Twain, “I never let my schooling interfere with my education.” By this he meant that he wouldn’t let going to school stop him from learning the life skills he really needed. Students are given little free time to learn the things they will need later in life. Kids grow up learning math and science, but by the time their formal education is done they will not know anything needed for daily survival. Also, when in school students do not get to choose how fast or slow the class goes. People need to focus on teaching kids basic life skills not just rely on formal education. Mark Twain 's quote reflects the sentiment that schooling never completes one 's education, on the contrary, sometimes it interferes with the process of education. He meant that he didn 't allow his personal knowledge to be limited to only what is taught in school, but was seeking knowledge from the world "out side the box". Schooling is the process of controlling the education of the students. Schooling implies learning things in school like math and English , while you can sometimes learn the most valuable lessons outside of school. Mark Twain focused on learning only the things that he viewed as important life lessons, and he did not worry about formal education. First of all, there are twenty to thirty
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