Education Is Not All About Receiving Or Poor The Family

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Education has always been the number one priority in every country. However, our education is not where it’s supposed to be now. Education is not all about receiving or giving instructions. Education helps us learn new things, but the public system is not strict enough. It’s a way for students to learn and plan for their future, but it can benefit them in the long run. Our public education is not strong enough like in other countries. American public education system has been failing because of the impact it has on society, having parents be more involved in school, and having inspiring teachers. Society has a major impact on how children get their education. Children’s schools are decided by the income of the parents. If the parent is a working class, idle class, affluent professional, or executive elite. Students schools should not be determined by how wealthy or poor the family is. Everyone should have an equal education. Students education helps them learn some things that may be helpful in the workplace. However, students study topics at school that are not needed for a majority of the careers. In the article, “Social class and the hidden curriculum of work” by Jean Anyon states the different social classes and what jobs each social class has to do. Working- class occupations are stockroom workers, bodyguards, gas station attendants, auto mechanics, and maintains workers. Middle- class occupations are printers, corporates, constructions workers, technicians,
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