Education Is Not An Obligation

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Education is a privilege not an obligation. Being blessed with the opportunity to apply for college, let alone go to college, is something some kids never get to see. Getting a degree is important because it is a gift only a small portion of the population has access to. Being able to grow academically as well as spiritually, physically, and emotional are just a few of the many benefits. It is my aspiration to attend the university of my dream and be changed into a better version of myself through the process of graduation; however, before that can happen, I must decide which school is right for me. When I first started to research colleges, I came across LSU, Louisiana State University, a large school with about 26, 156 undergraduates located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana ( Due to the fact, my family was originally from Louisiana, LSU was a household name for me. Though I was familiar with the university, I came to realize I actually knew very little about the majors it offered as well as many other important factoids. For instance, I was completely oblivious to their very high admission rate as well as their fairly low SAT and ACT entrance scores. While most colleges have a baseline starting point of 1300 or higher out of 1600 for SAT, most LSU applicants score between a 1100-1320 ( As I did further research on Louisiana State, I discovered they offered many of the majors I am interested in. LSU has “more than 235 academic field of…

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