Education Is Not Just The Basic Subjects

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Education has more than just one purpose; it has several. People refer to education as a way to provide the knowledge of reading, writing, math, history, and science to students. However, education is not just the basic subjects. It also focuses on cultivating the character of students, as well as teaching how to critically think, solve problems, develop morals, and more. According to Amy Gutmann, the author of Democratic Education, “Children must learn not just to behave in accordance with authority but to think critically about authority if they are to live up to the democratic ideal of sharing political sovereignty as citizens” (51). A person cannot think critically and have no morals or problem solving; you must have all three to be a fully participating member in today’s society. Critical thinking is one chunk of what education is. Students learn they need to gather the information crucial to the problem, contemplate the information and examine it on a deeper level. The students should then consider the opposite solution and finally lead to a conclusion. To illustrate, in an English class, the students are reading a book and a line from within the topic states, “The curtains were a deep blue color.” The students should dig deeper into what it actually means. Instead of taking the color of the curtains for face value, they should consider the deep blue color could possibly represent the emotion the character was experiencing at the time. We are developing their skills to
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