Education Is Not Preparation For Life

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“Education is not preparation for life; Education is life for itself.”
These are the words of John Dewey, which have led an everlasting impression on my mind. It relates to the idea of lifelong learning, and the knowledge that education is much more than what lies within the curriculum. Whenever I pause by to reflect on my ken of knowledge, I feel that how little I have learnt and that an enormous, unknown and fascinating wealth of knowledge lies before me, yet to be explored. Education is like an edifice based on strong rudiments and strengthened by the fundamentals and practical skills acquired during one’s lifetime. So my main goal is to design the next generation innovations in field rather than being just a user of existing technologies and findings. So I intend to pursue Master of Science degree in “Automotive software Engineering” at your university as the first step towards obtaining a PHD.
“Nothing is Impossible in Life” has always been a motivating force behind all my achievements. I strongly believe that enjoy what we do and having the passion to pursue, we can ultimately achieve our destination, no matter how much efforts are needed. My inherent urge and interest to pursue engineering emanates from an instinctive inclination for Physics and Mathematics since my schooling. From early childhood, I was very captivated with electronic appliances around me. I would ask my parents about their principle of working. I always tried to find out what basic elements and
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