Education Is The Act Of Learning Things Around Us

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In todays society, a school education is no longer an option or privilege, but rather a necessity in America. Author John Taylor Gatto say, in “Against School,” “Do we really need school?” (143). If children will not go to school, then how they will learn to read and write? Education is the act of learning things around us and helps us to understand a goal in life. Most people who believe that ones need higher education in order to succeed in life. We often don’t understand why we need to go to school everyday and learning many subjects but when we grow up we know that children need to attend the school for many different reasons, for example; for new experiences, increased knowledge or career preparation. School education improves our knowledge, confidence, skill level and personality. Therefore, today in our society school education and system is very important to ensure a good future for our kids, and to teach them to be independent as an adult. School system plays an important role in everyone’s life, and should not affect individual behavior. In 2011, when I moved to America I went to George Washington high school. For that time, school seems to be the only place where I could learn English, but it turns the most terrible experience in my life. I had to wake up every morning and prepare my self for school. At that time I did it without interesting or enthusiasm, because I had one teacher who yelled at her students and when security came she
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