Education Is The Best Choice For All High School Graduates

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In “College in America,” Caroline Bird expresses her opinion on education focused around the year 1975. Bird disagrees with the the idea of high school graduates being forced to attend college since she believes that the chances of being successful without a degree are just as high as someone with a degree. She points out that sometimes college is a waste of time and money. The money a college graduate earns is not much different compared to the money a high school graduate makes due to college expenses, loans and interest rates. Moreover, Bird dislikes how in today 's society, a degree defines a person. Many people idealise that college will help them obtain a successful future. Bird counteracts this education ideal by providing an…show more content…
Fortunately, he did not have to pay back the loans. On his first job interview, he got the job and became an accountant inspector and as a result he got his loans waived, and this allowed him to have the money to buy a house. He is currently going to make approximately $90,000 to $100,000 this year and he has been working for less than a year. This demonstrates how college provides opportunities for people to take advantage of. The more education a person gains the more knowledgeable they become and knowledge is money. It gives person the opportunity to live a decent life where they do not have to worry about financial problems. This example proves that Bird’s idea that “college is the dumbest investment one can invest” is not always true. College offers more than just a degree, it provides a job with a decent salary. In Wilson’s experience, he found a job that pays him triple the amount of money that he pay for tuition. In today’s society, employers look for workers with college degrees because they know what college students are capable of doing. Employers now hold their employees to a different standard compared to the 1900s. Back then, employers did not mind the level of education a person had because being educated was not as common. However, now that society has progressed, more and more people have the same level of education: a high school diploma. Today, employers want to hire someone that

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