Education Is The For A Country

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For a country that places such a huge emphasis on being educated, it is incomprehensible for some to imagine why such a large number of people take accessible education for granted. Many have the idea that this is due to people having become lazy over time. I, however, believe that this disinterest in education is due primarily to the singular way in which everyone is expected to learn. Education is formally defined as, “the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or university” (“Education” def. 1). To have education is to acquire information in a way that follows structured procedure. One flaw in following this definition exclusively is that it fails to acknowledge other ways in which a person can learn effectively. In the United States, education is thought of in a very black and white manner. To be educated is to go to a traditional school to learn math, science, history, & English for approximately 14 years; add another 4 years of higher education, and only then is someone truly educated. Although this is considered to be the most effective path, the average person will graduate from a traditional high-school having forgotten most of what they were taught. Even when considering this, it remains more acceptable for someone to graduate school having forgotten most of what they learned, than for someone to thoroughly educate themselves about a topic in a non-traditional setting. Although I do agree that it is beneficial for everyone
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