Education Is The Foundation For Much Of Our Future

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By definition, education is “the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or a university; an enlightening experience”. A philosophy of education is a set of beliefs about how children develop and learn and what they should and how they should be taught. In my own personal opinion, the above definition is exactly what education should be – an enlightening experience. In our culture today, there is a huge emphasis on education. Education is the foundation for much of our future, therefore if one teaches for an enlightening experience rather than the act of simply teaching, students will be more eager to learn. Throughout my schooling and education experience thus far in my life, I have been fortunate…show more content…
Firstly, the teacher can be seen as the guider within the classroom. The teacher is to work as the guiding hand, almost using their skills and knowledge to push their students towards motivation and betterment of their academic lives. The guidance of a teacher allows the educator to be readily available whenever a student may need them. A teacher should also act almost as a cheerleader to her students. Personally, in my future classroom, I want to be the one who is motivating a child to learn. I want to be their biggest fan. Without the support of a teacher, the students may feel that they can slack off or take advantage of the way I may be teaching. I want to let each student know each and every one of them could be the smartest kid in the class. For this reason, I will try and stray away from the common practice found in classrooms today, otherwise known as grouping. Our textbook defines grouping as “the act of grouping students together according to their similarities” (Oakes, 303). The book describes grouping as an ineffective and inefficient way to separate students. As a result of this, I find that grouping can lead to discrimination in the classroom, something I hope never happens within my own personal classroom. Each student, as their personal cheerleader, will know that no matter who they are, they too can achieve

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