Education Is The Foundation Of The Smartest People Of All Time

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“Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school” is a famous quote from a man who has been awarded the title as one of the smartest people of all time, Albert Einstein. In most cultures around the world, education is the foundation of how successful their culture is. This is no different in America, where receiving an education is driven into young children 's minds and necessary to receive a decent career. However, education has a different effect on everyone and there are obstacles that may get in the way. This can be seen based off the experiences of Richard Rodriguez, a man who is a first generation Mexican American student, Mike Rose, a man who was placed into the wrong educational track in high…show more content…
He strongly states that being educated has greater advantages than simply schooling itself. This was only one main point in Rodriguez 's essay. Another main point in Richard Rodriguez 's essay was the fact that people should not give up their culture to become educated. Throughout his essay, he states that he must sacrifice his nationality to accommodate to the ideal of being educated. Rodriguez grew up in the 1950s and he believed the image of being educated required him to sacrifice his nationality and embrace the white American culture portrayed in the media at the time. In his essay he appears to greatly regret the fact that he sacrificed his culture to become educated. One sign of this is when he begins to talk about his parents after he won an award “A few moments later, I heard my father speak to my teacher and felt ashamed of his labored, accent words. Then felt guilty for the shame” (22). Rodriguez does not clearly express why he feels guilty, but the reader can come to the conclusion that it is due to Rodriguez finally realizing how far he has strayed from his culture and how he discarded it to become educated. However, he then realizes that his father still grasp his culture and he still has joy in his life; while, he feels guilty for judging his own father for not abandoning his nationality and it appears that he came to the conclusion that people do not need to give up their culture to
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