Education Is The Fundamental Beginning That Shapes An Individual For The Rest Of Their Lives

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Philosophy of Education Tyler Kennedy Education is the fundamental beginning that shapes an individual for the rest of their lives. Without a proper education (one that gives place to a vast variety of content) one will not be equipped with the necessary knowledge to live an abundant life. It is because of this, that education should not be taken lightly. It is something that must be wholeheartedly pursued and genuinely sought after. But education itself, is a two-way avenue. A willing and eager student can only learn when there is an effective teacher. A teacher that is equipped with the necessary tools and skills to effectively present the knowledge. Behind every good teacher is a guiding set of principles that drive them and influence…show more content…
An education should also present facts that allow the student to think critically and derive to their own conclusions. In other words, it is not the job of the educator to sway the student to think any particular way, it is their job to present their students the material and allow them to draw their own conclusions. This philosophy embodies a great wealth of information that molds students and makes them successful. There are underlying things an effective education should do such as instill a sense of respect for authority, consideration for others, and practicality to solve real problems. If an education doesn’t not prepare a student to solve problems that may arise in the future, then it is not a very effective education. Furthermore, if an education does not challenge all students and continue to progress and build upon further knowledge, then it is missing what is important. Jean Piaget seems to understand this as he talks about how children are able to think more concretely and then abstractly as they age. If this is the case, the curriculum must meet this constantly changing need. As it progresses, it must have more abstract and critical thinking that challenges the students to look at educational concepts that may not be so straightforward. But rather, concepts that will cause them to think and consider multiple answers. Education should be challenging. From a personal standpoint, I feel
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