Education Is The Key For Students Widespread Cheating

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Fox news reported that more than 600 students have been expelled from school in India amid widespread cheating. In the Fox news article “600 Indian students expelled after footage shows parents scaling walls to pass cheat sheets there were parents and younger children climbing up a wall to hand other people notes so they would be able to pass their test.” Many people do not want to get expelled because in India if you get expelled from school for failing a test you basically get belittled in society. When I say belittled, I am trying to stress the fact that education is the key, in achieving a higher social class. True education cannot be accomplished without having a standard teaching method where both students widespread, teachers, along with administration break social boundaries to create a more productive learning environment without leaving students widespread any other option but to cheat. Teachers, along with administration play a big role when it comes down to students widespread participating in class and feeling like they are being treated equally. I say this because many students widespread, who are going to different schools around the world, each feel something towards a teacher who is teaching them. In the article, "Teaching to Transgress", bell hooks states,"….several white professors made comments that could be viewed as horribly racist and the students left the group to share what was said around the college" (2). This quote shows…
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