Education Is The Key For Success

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We grow up being told education is the key to success. It 's the only thing that will guarantee a stable happy life. The problem is that high schools are only promoting one option and failing to prepare us for it. It 's not a bad option, despite many of us not being the ideal candidates, but it 's also not everyone 's ideal choice. When your teacher asks for your scores the last thing you expect to hear is, “This school cheated you.” I realised I wasn 't the only one who was robbed. Despite my scores another teacher kept stressing how necessary it was for me to apply to universities. She encouraged me by letting me know her scores were worse, butshe was accepted into my dream school. I had originally planned to attend a community college and transfer in the future. I knew I didn 't qualify for financial aid and I wouldn 't meet the requirements for scholarships, nor the deadlines for them. I was a student-athlete involved in several other extracurricular activities, I hardly had time to eat or sleep. Add last minute applications to my plate, top that with upcoming finals. I did not have time to write about what I would use for self-defence during a zombie apocalypse in hopes of receiving two-hundred dollars. Just a very small fraction of what I would need to pay in the future. She said community college was beneath me and I would become stuck there. If I didn 't apply to universities she would fail me, thus I would not receive my diploma or be able to continue
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