Education Is The Most Modern Means Of Learning

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I have formulated a philosophy of teaching statement with the foundation that that the student is the center of attention. My philosophy is also in-line with Merriam and Brockett (2009), where according to them, the progressive philosophy is where it places more value in knowledge derived from observation and experience than it does from tradition and authority (p. 35). In this respect, I believe that study and knowledge is critical to solving a problem or correcting a situation within adult education. Online courses are now starting to prevail over traditional college education and my vision for future education derives on the idea that companies and businesses will start directing education institutions with material that are in-line with such businesses.
Vision of future education Online education is the most modern means of learning. As technology advances, educators, students and companies will be able to tailor their curriculum based on the needs of the student’s future goals that align with the companies or businesses they are prepping for. Companies will sponsor courses and create a skilled workforce for specific positions in that company. The online learning environment will refer to the stimulus provided to the students for learning through the company’s needs. Razik and Swanson state that now is a time when educational institutions require intelligent, informed, imaginative, creative, and effective leadership (p. 3). I believe that these assets can be…

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