Education Is The Most Powerful Weapon

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Knowledge. Education. These are the most powerful weapon in life, and since the dawn of time knowledge becomes the ultimate skill of an individual. Through the blade of knowledge, we can unleash our true full potential, eventually contributing massively to the world in exactly the same way great minds have done. Leaving behind countless contributions is the mark of a truly successful person. According to Nelson Mandela, the celebrated former President of South Africa, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” We can absolutely credit education, and by extension, knowledge, to the advancements of civilisation and technology that maximises the potential of the human capabilities. It is because of the growth of knowledge that our ancestors are able to achieve great feats of intelligence that never ceases to amaze us even today. Simply put, knowledge is the reason why they have been successful in all of their endeavours in life. In terms of the present, ever advancing world of science and technology we live in today, we can see that individuals with knowledge and proper education excels prominently in their life, and it brings evident positive effects in every endeavour they undertook. Why is this so? Knowledge is power. Knowledge is the essence of success because through education, we can improve our critical thinking, empower our overall perception, and obtain new skills and techniques to be used altogether as the decisive weapon to change
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