Education Is The Only Road Out Of Poverty

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Growing up in an underdeveloped country like Guinea, where we lack everything, from books to technology, even qualify instructors is not an ideal situation to start a schooling life. You must have dedicated parents who stand by your side no matter what, push you through a complicated environment and guide you by their leadership to successfully graduate. I was lucky enough to have an educated Mom, devout Catholic, who only goes by the rules, as many parents did not go to school. Overwhelmingly the population was impecunious, looking daily for what to eat instead of being preoccupied with school. My family was a modest middle class, barely getting any extra money when needed. In fact, money wasn 't the only problem; the books were scarce, and the ones on the market were outside scope. My mother as an educator had many books she kept for all her children to use as pleased. My father gave great importance to education, and his words were " education is the only road out of poverty." It was his way of reminding us the sanctity of knowledge. Of course, my Mon was working as a teacher in a Catholic high school the only private school in town, but my dad was working twice harder just to keep us in school. To honor him we made a promise that every single child will graduate from high school which we all eventually did with honor roll, but unfortunately, he did not live long to see the accomplishment of his dream. Soon after my dad passing away with one income less we now
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