Education Is The Way Out Of Their Poverty

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1. In this course, we have discussed numerous social, societal and cultural issues that plague our society and the equality of the classes in that society. Many can be eased by discussions and getting an action plan to solve the issues. One issue that is relevant to every social class in our society is the “Worth of a College Degree versus the Cost of a College Degree”. This issue crosses the classes, whether you are in upper middle class, middle class or even in the lower middle class. Education is important for the betterment of society. The better educated a person is, the more productive they are in society. Even people who are homeless believe education is the way out of their poverty or homelessness. “When prompted on how they would accomplish their goals, almost always I would hear “go back to school”, “get my GED” or “go to college” (Aviles, 2016). This view is just not with the homeless. College is a concern for all families of college bound high school juniors and seniors, no matter what social class they are in. According to Brian Kelly, “The demand for educated worker is only going to grow” (Kelly, 2010). But, what will it cost and how will one pay for it? Is it worth being at least twenty thousand dollars in debt when they graduate? In today’s society, colleges can cost as much two hundred thousand dollars a year. That is cost is for the larger, more prestige private colleges in the country. The sticker price for many private colleges has

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