Education Is The World Grows, So Does Technology?

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As the world grows, so does technology. Meaning, young children are more exposed to things they normally would not be with the help of social media. One of those widely exposed topics are sexual activities of all kinds. Children nowadays rely heavily on social media and technology. These different websites expose them to things they should not yet be exposed to. Therefore, teaching sexual education in elementary schools can go one or two ways. At least a decade ago, technology was not as big of a deal as it is now. Technology plays a huge role in society today. Sometimes, you cannot even teach children anything because social media has already exposed them to everything you normally would not want your thirteen year old son or daughter knowing or seeing. With that being said, sex education in public elementary schools can have multiple effects on children. Of course as a kid, you will know things that particularly your parents did not teach you or expose you to; however, you as a parent also still have a lot of control and authority to be aware of what your children know and encounter. It is always good to be educated on certain things to avoid anything that can be avoided. For example, teaching children that condoms may decrease the chances of catching a sexually transmitted disease, may encourage them to use one or not engage in sexual activity altogether. Also, teaching and showing them about sexually transmitted diseases may stir them away from doing things they

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