Education Is Too Structured And Hinders Children Creativity Essay

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About 4 million children enter kindergarten in the United States each year (Duncan 2015). However, preschool attendance has been a controversial topic for over fifty years. Advocates argue preschool provides children with a foundation to excel upon entering kindergarten. According to Kathleen McCartney, PhD, Dean of Harvard School of Education, preschool exposes children to numbers, letters, and shapes. In addition, children learn how to socialize – get along with other children, and they also learn how to share (Kanter 2007). Critics argue preschool is too structured and hinders children creativity. Michael Smith President of the Home School Legal Defense Association is cautious of over institutionalizing children who attend preschool. He indicated that parents who provide children with plenty of love and attention during their influential years will develop naturally (Lester, 2007). Although there are differences of opinions when it comes to the benefits of preschool, enrollment continues to increase. The National Institute for Early Education Research (NIEER) report indicates more than two-thirds of 4-year olds and more than 40 percent of 3-year-olds were enrolled in preschool in 2005. In addition, about forty states now offer state-funded pre-k programs (2007). Early education plays a key role in preventing educational deficits, not only among children from disadvantaged backgrounds but also for all children (Kornblun 2016). Research indicates

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