Education Is What Drives The Future Of America

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Education is what drives the future of America. If students in today’s generation are not being educated properly imagine what the future holds. Today it is seen that many students are not acquiring the fundamental abilities of math and english concepts for the most part. Students are not a grade level reading, or writing. They are falling behind. Reason being is because some teachers, are not taking the effort to make sure these students are gaining the knowledge. Teachers (not all) have become lazy they are not doing enough to make sure their students are successful. Also since a lot of teachers are given tenure, they cannot be fired for being unsatisfactory teachers. Instead reforms such as No Child Left Behind and Rise to the Top were…show more content…
NCLB obliges states to test understudies in perusing and math every year in evaluations 3-8 and once in evaluations 10-12. States must test understudies in science once in evaluations 3-5, 6-8, and 10-12. Individual schools, school locale and states should openly report test brings about the total and for particular understudy subgroups, including low-pay understudies, understudies with handicaps, English dialect learners, and major racial and ethnic gatherings. NCLB obliged states, school areas, and schools to guarantee all understudies are capable in evaluation level math and perusing by 2014. States characterize evaluation level execution. Schools must make "sufficient yearly advancement" to this objective, whereby capability rates increment in the years paving the way to 2014. The rate of expansion needed is picked by each one state. In place for a school to make sufficient yearly advancement (AYP), it must reach its focuses for understudy perusing and math capability every year. A state 's aggregate understudy capability rate and the rate accomplished by understudy subgroups are all considered in the AYP determination. In addition No Child Left Behind requires all instructors to be completely affirmed by the state or have passed the state educator licensure exam and have a permit to educate in the state. Furthermore, very qualified educators must exhibit their insight into the subject they educate through specific accreditations or test scores. NCLB
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