Education Is a Necessity: Poor Students Deserve Equal Opportunity for Higher Education

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Many young people dream about having successful careers as lawyers, doctors, or CEO's of major corporations, but to achieve these goals they must be adequately educated. However, not all people are given the same opportunities as others. Why? Education is effected by the funding of schools. According to Caroline M. Hoxby, Assistant Professor of Economics at Harvard, local tax revenues are an "effective and efficient means of providing education...and gives incentives to both residents and school staff" (2). However, in Savage Inequalities, Jonathan Kozol argues that funding schools solely with property tax is not effective because the property revenues of poor families do not compare to those of the richer families; thus less …show more content…
Furthermore, wealthy families continue to benefit from their local property tax since it gets counted as a tax deduction, so every homeowner will receive a portion of their income back from the federal government (55). Since the wealthy suburban homeowners have more expensive homes, they will get a more substantial deduction. Therefore, with the extra money to spend, these parents donate money towards their children's education. In the poor urban districts the value of their home aren`t as high, so the amount of tax deduction they receive is obviously going to be a smaller amount. Thus property tax alone is an inefficient way to fund schools for poor families because the value of their homes do not compare to those of the rich neighborhoods. This system of funding schools is unfair for the poor districts because they are unable to allot enough money to finance their schools properly.

Property tax revenues used to fund schools in poor districts such as East St. Louis do not provide the students with an effective education. Due to the lack of proper funds, students such as Pamela of Du Sable High do not receive enriching learning experiences from their courses. Kozol interviewed Pamela and discovered "she is taking Spanish, literature, physical education, Afro-American history and a class she terms `job strategy'" (70). The courses students take in high school
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