Education: Kepping Close to Home

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In the essay "Keeping Close to Home: Class and Education" by Bell Hooks, she argues against the statement that "assimilation is the way to gain acceptance… for those in power. Seeing from her college experiences and from other examples, one can argue that one can survive by staying true to one's cultural identity. My personal beliefs lead me to support Ms. Hooks in this argument that assimilation alone is the only way to survive. In the beginning on page 60, her parents argued that she didn't need to go to a "high class" college like Stanford but to a "college nearby", an all black college. She explains that her working-class parents feared what a college education would do to her mind, so they subjected her to harsh and bitter critique…show more content…
To me, this gives the idea that assimilation is an evil that in some cases, causes people to change not for the best, but to become either a shell of their former selves or to become a very materialistic, self absorbed, vapid individual. In the end, I agree with her argument that "assimilation is the way to gain acceptance… for those in power". I know that one can fit in by just staying true to one's self. I can also be in opposition because of the fact that some believe that the only course to be happy is to assimilate and to deny one's own true identity. But for me and my own life experiences, I would have to side with Ms.

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