Education Management Information System ( Emis )

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II. LITERATURE REVIEW A. Education Management Information System (EMIS) EMIS is a Web based enterprise solution in the management information system domain for the Sri Lankan school teachers and administrative officers at different levels of operation, such as School, Division, Zone, Province and National. This system is designed to maximize the productivity of users by providing tools to assist in automating the management of information associated with all the key process aspects of Sri Lankan schools, teaching staff and officials, which would otherwise have to be performed manually. By maximizing user work efficiency and productivity the system will meet the expected needs while remaining easy to understand with high usability. B. Decision Making and Decision Support Systems Decision making is an indispensable part of everyday life. We make hundreds of decisions each day. In order to make a good decision, we have to be informed about alternative options. These options can be in different forms such as numbers, graphics, and impressions. In an organization, the manager is the first and foremost decision maker. This is the same in a school. Principle, Vice Principle, Section Heads and panels assigned for various special tasks are the ones who make decisions. All managerial activities revolve around decision-making. However, the rapid change in the management environment result in the decision making process being more complicated today than in the past. A “Decision Support
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