Education Management Using the Classical Theories

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Explain the applications and criticisms of Fredrick Taylor, Henri Fayol, Max Weber to educational administration and management. Fredrick Taylor Definition of Taylorism It’s the management process that scientific skills were to be applied to improve the productivity of workers. The characteristics of Taylorism 1. He used scientifically trained workers to improve the productivity. 2. Division of labour managers and workers so that managers can apply scientific method to planning the work and workers to perform the task. 3. Co-operation between the management and the workers, the management should that ensure the workers uses scientifically developed methods 4. He replaced the rule of the thumb, with…show more content…
Each employee should have their space for working. 7. Initiative – teachers in general are given that opportunity to utilise their talents and interests in school; through clubs, societies, and movements. 8. Stability of tenure of personnel; the staff workng under the government enjoy the stability of tenure but unlike their counterparts in the private sectors. And also the government is trying to improve on the teacher/pupil ratio by employing more teachers. 9. Discipline must be upheld. The TSC and MOE have procedures of dealing with offences like; interdictions, half pays, sacking. 10. Unity of command – the education systems there is a proper hierarchy of reporting to and command. Criticism of Henri Fayol 1. Concentrate a lot on the management and ignored the other workers. 2. If poor managers makes poor plans hence the whole organisation will not function properly 3. Subordinate personal interests to the general interest. In this case a personal issue should not interfere with the organisation and a personal issue should surpass the organisation interest. Max Weber Descriptions; Bureaucracy; focusing on structuring an organisation into hierarchy and establishing strong lines of authority. Max Weber believed that the more bureaucratic an organisation is, the more rational it was becoming. Application of Max Weber theory 1.
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