Education Medication Error : The United State, Health Care System

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Education medication error The United State, health care system wastes approximately 700 billion dollars yearly on systematic inefficiencies such as unnecessary procedures, frauds, administrative practices and errors ( Plonien, 2013). Medication administration error differs across the literature, it may be defined as a preventable event or deviation from procedures, policies and/or best practices that may result to inappropriate desired outcome in a patient. The vast majority of medication error occurs due to deviation in the standard procedure for medication administration ( Admi, et al., 2013). Medication errors compromise patient care and potentially leads to increase in debt for the institution. The source of errors are numerous…show more content…
In nursing education, students are educated on the importance of using the medication “five rights” to practice and prevent drug administration errors. The nurse plays an important role in medication administration and should focus on error prevention. ( Escolar-Chua et al., 2013). Medication errors are not only caused by human errors, technology defects contributes to this growing epidemic. Computerized prescribed order entry, bar-coding systems, electronic medication administration and automated dispensing cabinets all contributes to medication errors. However the use of these technologies have included benchmarking to help healthcare facilities test and evaluate new systems for use on the units (Admi, et al., 2013). Some errors affects patient minimally, whereas other medication errors results in patient morbidity and mortality. Despite the efforts, medication errors remains problematic in the area of healthcare. It is the health care organizations biggest challenge. Numerous research has been done to identify factors that would reduce medication error, however the emphasis on error management has been minimally to nonexistent (Admi, et al., 2013). Researchers have identified that hospitalized patients are subject to one medication administration error per day, implying that approximately 1.5 million preventable drug event arise yearly in the United State. Medication errors are among the most common medical error, costing more than 3.5 billion
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