Education, Music And Fashion Trends

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Over the years, child upbringing has changed drastically due to the introduction of new legislations protecting children more and more. The debate as to whether the behaviour of the children of the 1990’s has gotten worse as opposed to the children of the 1980’s is ongoing and in my opinion the answer is clear. The difference on technology, education, music & fashion trends are just very few things which make a big influence on a teen’s life.

Children born in the 1990’s are (mostly) being brought up by children of the 1970’s - most of whom experienced some act of punishment as a result of doing wrong, discipline and rules in and out of the house. In the 1970’s/1980’s, there was very low tolerance for misbehaviour or disrespect towards anyone and anything in and out of the household. Kids learnt to show respect to everyone around them, no matter of their age, gender, and race - kids were taught by tradition and moral values - much unlike how children are brought up nowadays.

It has obviously become more apparent that children nowadays, from early stages in life get whatever they want and whenever they want it - no questions asked. As a teenager born in 1999, I find this to be true and realise we do not know how to make sensible use of scarce resources - we tend to stay in the house on a hot summer’s day a lot more than what we used to as children, texting away to each other - whereas when we were kids, we didn 't have phones - the garden and our streets and local parks
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