Education Of A School 's Physical Education Program

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education in a school system equally. Looking at it from this standpoint, we can say physical education will have meaning when all of these factors are contributed and put together. We have to work together to implement physical education in the schools, but it will all be worth it in the long run (France, 2011, p.51). Staff, as stated from the article written by Huberty, is a big part of a school’s physical education program. Most of the participants and staff from this study believe physical activity is important, but limited because of the amount of homework given, pressure from peers, and the lack of ability to perform at home because of limited equipment. I believe all of these factors are important because this is something very…show more content…
Taking into consideration those factors and learning to differentiate lessons for those students is very important for success and building of a physical education program. The most important part about a physical education lesson is so each and every student is participating to his or her fullest and best ability, while also learning something. Whether or not a lesson has to be differentiated or adapted, they should all be learning (Ebbeck, 2015, p. 54). Saving the best for last, obesity. According to schools in Texas and Governor Rick Perry, these schools will be participating in physical education to reduce the beginning of diabetes. Since America is considered overweight, they did not think there was a better way to hopefully decrease obesity than to incorporate more physical education in to schools. “Kindergarten through fifth grade graders are required to exert for thirty minutes during PE or structured recess, which students will begin this fall” (Obesity, 2007, p.1). This also goes along with the taking away of recesses. We should not be taking away things, which benefit our students’ lives. Overall, physical education courses can help a students overall well being and health. This is the goal they aim to pursue at these Texas schools. They also are requiring mandatory testing based upon levels of attendance, meal
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