Education Of The Muslim Religion

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Education of the Muslim religion and the female gender should be enforced by the government to increase tolerance and understanding of Muslim women who are harassed and discriminated against due to their religious beliefs and their gender. While gender equality has greatly evolved with the turn of the century, there are still women worldwide, especially women of color, who are being mistreated solely because of their gender. Ever since the crisis of 9/11, Muslim people have been judged and harassed; they are being seen as nothing but a stereotype to many people, and this blind hatred must end. Through education, respect and tolerance for Muslim women can be achieved with hard work, an open mind, and initiative.
Discrimination against Muslim women has increased in mainly caucasian societies since the terrorist attack of 9/11. However, discrimination toward Muslim women has long been present. More than “160 Muslim-Americans” have been accused of being violent, and/or being terrorists within the last decade previous to 9/11 (Islamphobia). These islamophobes tend to forget that since 9/11, many Muslims have aided America with security and law enforcement in order to prevent another terrorist attack. Many Muslims admit to feeling unappreciated and disrespected by those in the West. In addition, 52% of Americans and 48% of Canadians even believe that the West doesn’t respect Muslim societies. (Islamophobia) Tahera Ahmed, who recently was discriminated against by being denied a
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