Education Of West Afric A Little Background Information

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Education In West Africa Illiteracy rates in West Africa are the highest in the world (Dakar). In the United States the ability to read with competence, or even receiving education to do so, is something that’s often taken for granted. We often forget that this privilege is not universally shared. This is especially true in West Africa. Communities there lack the resources and structured society to provide citizens with opportunities to increase their literacy. What the current education is like in west africa, causes potential solutions, is it working. In order to understand how the current education system in West Africa came to be, a little background information is needed. The West African region is made up of nineteen sub saharan…show more content…
When you look at these issues at the surface it 's easy to tell that something is wrong, but something has to be done to create solutions to these problems. In the article Too Little Access, Not Enough Learning, it states that one of the main struggles that these West African schools face is not making national headlines. This may not seem like a big problem, but raising awareness is one of the best ways resolve many flaws in West Africa’s education system. In the article Walkins also states that “children go hungry for want of textbooks, good teachers and a chance to learn” which is pretty powerful because these kids are facing outside challenges that are often looked past by first world countries. West Africa has also recently endured an epidemic that has taken the counties by storm: the Ebola virus. Bordner explained in his article Post-Ebola Challenges for Education in West Africa, that the education sector got hit extremely hard and many school and universities had to shut down, which put a major set back on the already poor education system. Bordner also states in the article that although the Ebola effect was very devastating, many of the universities and schools are now responding and rebounding in a timely manner to get the education system back on track. For the average American, our days are spent going to school or work, going home, and focusing on ourselves. It’s a pretty easy life even though at times it may feel stressful and overwhelming. Imagine

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