Education Of Women During The Colonial Period

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Education of women in America has changed immensely. Between colonial times and the present day, women have made great strides in education. In colonial times, education for most women was limited to reading the bible. Since then, women have earned equality in primary and secondary education as well as college. This process has been aided by the enacting laws and through decisions of the courts. This has led to the equal opportunity that women enjoy today.

Colonial Days

Throughout the colonial period education was limited to both men and women, but was even more limited to women. There was a gap in education between males and females for education. Males were more likely to go to school than females due to the facts that you had to pay for schooling. There was also the fact a woman 's education depended on their race, class, and location.

Families that wanted to educated their females had very few options of schooling. They could be home-schooled or go to a Dame school. There was a third option of getting a tutor but that was rare and very expensive, it was mostly for guys and the girls would sit in. Girls that were home-schooled were taught how to read and write at home they would read the bible. Dame schools were mostly for girls but boys also attended, girls were more likely to go because public schools were primarily for boys. The children here were taught by women who were not that educated themselves. These schools taught the four Rs reading, riting, rithmetic,…
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