Education On Culture Competence For Hiv / Aids

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Preventions Methods HIV/AIDS has not gone away and, through its ability to morph into new forms, continues to spread to new populations. Prevention is most often a direct result of behavioral change (Rowan, 2013). In order for any prevention programs to be successful there have to be an ample amount of self awareness on the domains of ethnicity and lifestyle which includes but not limited to the risk of HIV/AIDS (prevention article). Social work could and should exert leadership in many dimensions of the AIDS epidemic, which should include how to advance HIV care and protect communities (Rowan, 2013). We must approach intervention as an ongoing, comprehensive, and holistic process (Rowan, 2013).
Education on culture competence for
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One of the core values of social work is dignity and worth of a person. As social workers we have to be able to treat each person in a caring and respectful fashion, mindful of individual differences and cultural and ethnic diversity. Therefore, values include knowledge and appreciation of your own worldview, cultures, and beliefs systems. Diversity is a source of empowerment that allows people to establish their own self determination.
AI/AN believes in strong social values. Present surveillance statistics from Center for Disease Control Prevention revealed HIV/AIDS is escalating amongst AI/AN (Sileo, 2004). When 2001 ended, 1304 AI/AN were living with AIDS. It was reported 1 in 1910 women was diagnosed with AIDS with the highest number of cases (N=145) among those 30-34 years of age (Sileo, 2004). The women were exposed through injection drug use and sexual relation with HIV positive and high-risk male partners. At that time it was reported that 1 in 485 AI/AN men were diagnosed with AIDS having the highest number of cases (N=659) again, within the 30-34 year age range (Sileo, 2004). Male to male exposure was a result of sexual contact, injection drug use, same sex and injection drug use behaviors, and heterosexual contact (Sileo, 2004). Current efforts prepared to raise awareness about the infection, transmission, and prevention is opposing to cultural norms, comprehension levels, and
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