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Running head: A BETTER PLAN

A Better Plan
Thomas P. Liedel
Grand Canyon University
The Principalship
EDA 540
Bob Kopas
March 31, 2010
After reviewing the emergency preparedness plan for Lookout Valley High School, there were some questions that needed to be asked, reviewed and possibly modified. The school has never had to use the plan, and only practices small sections of it during the year. The plan was updated in 2009, to bring it up to date. Overview of Emergency Plan Before the rewrite of the emergency preparedness plan could be started, the principal sent out forms to all the teachers and staff to find out what different types of special talents were in the building. The staff went through the forms and
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At every staff meeting different aspects will be covered to help ever staff member know how to deal with different situations. Students will be given flyers each month in homeroom along with a quiz to help instill their education of how they are supposed to react to the emergency simulations, and possibly to a real life situation. Staff and students must be educated to understand how the emergency plan can help them when there is a situation. Training will come from professional developments for the teachers, and is class education for the students with a controlled emergency simulation in the auditorium. Parents will be invited to participate in this simulation.
Major Issues The plan covers many of the critical issues that are pertinent to modern schools. But there are many hazardous materials in the vocational department, there are two automotive programs at Lookout Valley High School. Both classes keep their MSDS sheets up to date, these are updated every time new chemicals are introduced to the automotive labs. In 1999 the school put in a collision repair course, there was a need to modify the emergency plan then, but it was not done until 2008. This could have been tremendously dangerous if there were a fire, or of someone tried to create some type of explosive device. There were extensive amounts of chemicals being stored in the lab. These chemicals have since been disposed of properly according to OSHA. Local automotive dealerships
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