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Business Information Systems



rganizations utilize various types of information systems to help run their daily operations. These systems are primarily transactional systems that concentrate on the management and flow of low-level data items pertaining to basic business processes such as purchasing and order delivery. This data

is often rolled-up and summarized into higher-level decision support systems to help firms understand what is happening in their organizations and how best to respond. In order to achieve seamless handling of this data, organizations must ensure that their business information systems are tightly integrated across the enterprise. Doing so allows organizations to manage and process basic business
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Quite a bit of growth for a start-up company founded only in 1997 by a bunch of classmates and rugby mates in a basement of a house. Like other online grocers, Grocery Gateway’s strategy is all about the last mile of service. Online grocers sell groceries over the Internet and deliver them directly to the door. In this sense, groceries are used to initiate the customer relationship and create a pipeline to the home. The online grocer then leverages this pipeline to introduce complimentary products to the consumer.2

What is attractive to consumers is that the online grocery store is open 24 hours, 7 days a week, and that there is greater simplicity in clicking a mouse to get the food you want over that of trekking down to a physical store and pushing a grocery cart. Though prices are competitive with supermarkets, price is not the value proposition for the online grocery shopper. Rather, for the consumer, shopping online for groceries is a time-saver. Consumers—generally busy people with not enough time on their hands—are looking to find easier and quicker ways to do chores, like grocery shopping. Also, people who find it physically challenging to do grocery shopping (such as the elderly and the disabled), as well as those who choose not to own a car, find the service that Grocery
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