Education: Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Paulo Freire Essay

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The process of moving toward and creating a more just and humane would have to begin with education. However, it also seems that creating a just future would also necessitate the creation of many different systems of government throughout the world. If just one system existed, anyone who would not choose that system for themselves may begin to feel or actually be oppressed for a lack of conformity. Furthermore, some people just have such vastly different ideas of ‘just’ and ‘justice’ that they cannot be combined into one system. Thus, through a sort of dialogical education system, people can discover which system they most support and why before choosing where to live. Theorists, like Iris Marion Young, want political systems to accept…show more content…
The original Social Contract tradition has had many authors, but for the purposes of this paper I will focus on John Locke’s work as one political system that might be used by a nation and the problems it entails that would have to be discussed for modern uses. Locke begins by describing a state of nature that entails equality and a state of perfect freedom for mankind to live as they want within the laws of nature (Locke 2009, 370). Locke’s work argues for his view of property, where a man has the right to the fruits of his labor but not to another man’s (Locke 2009, 372). In his view, the government is meant to prevent on man from seeking punishment that is unfit for the committed crime and that people join together for protection for themselves and their property (Locke 2009, 371-372). He argues also that no one man should be in charge and that a democracy should be used instead (Locke 2009, 371). The major problem associated with Locke’s account of a just system is the qualifications for citizenship. From his time period it would likely exclude everyone who was not a white, land owning male. For people who would like to use his idea of a political system today, they would need to include everyone in the democracy, no matter their race or economic status, as it has been legally adopted in many countries today. Furthermore, people would need to contend with the premise of Natural Law as defined by
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