Education Philosophy Statement Essay

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Education Philosophy Statement

I believe education is one of the most important parts of our lives. Education sets the foundation for everything else we do in our lives. Without an education, it is nearly impossible to get gainful employment of any kind. But an education is not just something you get from taking notes, reading chapters, and passing tests. It is true that these are major parts of receiving an education, but they are not the only parts. I believe that education is something that you should constantly build on throughout life. In order for a person to do this education needs to be enjoyable for them. This is why I want to be an educator.

I believe that all students have the ability to
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For example, the curriculum in the perennialism approach includes moral development and fine arts, both of which I feel are very important. Reconstructionism stresses global issues and social problems that I also feel should be included in the curriculum of students. And all three of these philosophies encompass the teaching methods of problem solving and critical thinking. I feel these are important methods of teaching, but I also believe that the problem detecting and decision making that is stressed in reconstructionism is very important. So to best answer the question “What philosophy of teaching do you fit into?” I would have to say progressivism, but I do feel that there are other things that should be stressed as well.

I suppose at first glance my classroom will not look a whole lot different than most other classrooms, but I hope it will be very different. As for seating the students I’m not a big proponent of alphabetically seating, or the standard rows of an authoritarian classroom. I plan to have a seating arrangement that will be more of a group setting. Maybe have three or four rows on each side of the room facing the center of the room or something of that nature. I will let them pick their own seats for the most part, but if I see
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