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Innovative Strategies School-Based Preparatory Experiences Students in the EXIT Academy are in their senior year of high school, and with that stage of life comes a lot of preparation to ensure that students graduate and transition to postsecondary education. One of the ways that CEO Program staff support their students in the EXIT Academy is to ensure that they know and understand what is required of them during their senior year in order to graduate. This includes an understanding of the graduation requirements and a knowledge of deadlines for paperwork. In addition to these school deadlines required for graduation, CEO Program staff consider each student’s postsecondary plan and make sure that they understand the deadlines required for…show more content…
By bringing professionals in the community to the students’ learning sessions at the NYTC, students are able to learn about more careers than they would by traveling to different workplaces in the community. While some career exploration takes place on students’ trips around the community, the focus of trips in the community for Pre-ETS is to practice the skills that they are learning in their classes. Career Preparation and Practice In each of the three academies, students learn about the various skills they will need to prepare for work. These include both soft skills and job search skills like creating a resume, writing cover letters, and preparing for interviews. Students learn these skills in the classroom, but they are also given real-life opportunities to practice them. Ninth grade students in the Pre-ETS program learn skills such as how to introduce themselves and how to dress professionally during their classroom sessions, and then they take a trip to the Kennedy Center in which they practice those skills. Students in the Internship and Mentoring Academy use the skills discussed during their professional development weeks while working with their mentor on career focused projects and during their internship in the summer. The career readiness curriculum used in the Internship and Mentoring Academy covers such things as first impressions,
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