Education Policy Issues in the Philippines

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Introduction It has been the accepted belief that the way to the improvement of the “quality of the population” hinges largely on education.1 Consequently, it is agreed that the development of the human resources of a nation is the ultimate determinant of the country’s growth and development. Specifically, the country’s ability to develop the knowledge and know how of its people in order to make them productive contributors to the nations economy, determines to a large extent the “character and pace of its socio-economic development”2. Furthermore, it is increasingly acknowledged that higher education is a “driver of economic growth”, supposedly, even allowing developing countries to leap frog on their pursuit for economic development.3…show more content…
In the late 1970’s, the vocational-technical education was given due emphasis for its direct link to agriculture and industry.8 Globalization and the Issue of Competitiveness Globalization requires innovation, the learning of new skills and efficiency. Human development is given emphasis in order to attain greater productivity9 and, thus, acquire competitive advantage in the local and global playing field. Moreover, globalization has ushered in the integration of economies (“borderless economy”) with trading policies that advance liberalization, deregulation, and privatization. Liberalization and deregulation are inter related components that promote the free economy and the removal of controls. Competitiveness is mainly required to thrive in this environment. “A nation’s entry into the global economy is a matter of course and not of choice”.10 As a matter of discussion and to highlight the status of tertiary education in the Philippines, the following facts give a telling story: 1.According to the 1999 Asia Week surveys on HEI’s, University of the Philippines was ranked 25th in Asia (Ateneo de Manila University, 39th; De La Salle University; 41st and University of Santo Tomas, 43rd) In the 2000 survey, UP went down to 48th (ADMU, 72nd; DLSU, 71st; UST, 74th).11 2.In the year 1981, Philippines produced 243 research papers
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