Education Problem in Indonesia

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EDUCATION PROBLEM IN INDONESIA Alfarian David Undana, Kupang ABSTRACT This paper aims to provide a snapshot of the quality of education in Indonesia which is in poor situation compared to some foreign countries. The causes that lead to low quality of education in Indonesia like problem on effectiveness, efficiency and standardization of teaching. Some of the solutions are provided in order to resolve this issue with the hope that the quality of education in Indonesia could be better in the future and be able to compete with other countries. Keywords: Education, effectiveness, efficiency, Teacher, Student ABSTRAK Tulisan ini bertujuan untuk memberikan gambaran tentang kualitas pendidikan di Indonesia yang sedang terpuruk dibandingkan…show more content…
As we all know, the quality of education in Indonesia is getting worse. This can be seen from the quality of teachers, teaching aid, and students. Teachers of course have hope that they cannot convey to their students. Indeed, current teachers these days are less competent. Many people who become teachers because they are not accepted in other majors or lack of funds. Unless the old teachers who had devoted himself to become a teacher. In addition to experience in teaching students, they also have experience in the subject they teach. Not to mention the issue of teachers' wages. If this phenomenon is allowed to proceed, sooner or later education in Indonesia may ruin because many experienced teachers are retiring. Effective education is an education that enables students to learn with ease, fun and achievable goals as expected. Thus, educators (lecturers, teachers, instructors, and trainers) are required to improve the effectiveness of learning so that the learning can be useful. All this time, many people considered that formal education is just a formality to establish human resources in Indonesia without really put any concern on the learning outcomes, they just think more on finishing their education and gain respect by the community. Such assumption, too, that led the effectiveness of teaching in
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