Education Procedures and Class Management Overview

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Part 1: Procedures and Class Management Overview 1. The room was arranged with long tables, and small dividers between each computer terminal, to encourage students to concentrate. 2. There were no formal means to ensure that pupils would use specific procedures; there were only verbal instructions and some written signs. 3. There were no safety procedures, but there were some rules related to logging on and off the network. 4. Rules for student behavior included no eating, drinking, or using phones/smartphones in class. 5. The positive rewards were mainly verbal in nature. 6. The negative reinforcement used was bad grades. 7. The teacher's behavioral expectations were presented verbally. 8. No serious inappropriate behavior came up, but the teacher used verbal scolding when necessary. 9. Teachers reinforced behavior with praise. 10. The teachers were good; they were not inspiring or interesting enough to be great. Part 2: Procedures and Class Management Overview The Purpose or Objective was evident and shared with the students in the beginning of the lesson This was explained clearly at the beginning of class, verbally and also in a handout. Real life situations were provided to draw the students into the lesson and connecting with what the students do outside the classroom There was a lot of multimedia material, so students did have some real life situation to use. The teacher mentioned when the students would apply the knowledge in other classroom and
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