Education Questions: Field Trip

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Education Questions Planning a field trip for a classroom or a whole grade level used to entail the teacher seeking support from a proposed site, ensuring that the site is safe and receptive and that the learning provided by the site visit for the students was helpful and important to the students, age appropriate and possibly closely tied to curriculum. The teacher might have to acquire adequate funding for the trip, including possible entrance fees or expenses and fund and acquire transportation to and from the event, usually by acquiring a district owned bus for the event. Then the teacher sent home permission slips that were signed by parents and returned and possibly solicited parent volunteers to monitor and help with the trip, any student who did not have a returned permission slip was required to stay behind at school. All of these issues are still important and practiced but now there are also a whole new set of requirements, some of which stand to end field trips all together. Those issues surround curriculum standards and time constraints as well as legality and liability issues. The field trip must be sanctioned and approved by the school and it is even possible that the school needs to contact their liability insurer to make certain that the trip is covered if accidents or inappropriate (criminal) behavior were to occur, and liability does not end if a school does not sanction the trip as often times the school is named in litigation even if the school

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