Education Reflection Paper

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As I have assessed various theories and ideas pertaining to education and human development, I have made a sincere effort to reflect on my own experiences as an education professional. Our readings about student development and our analyses and discussions surrounding the challenges that current education systems pose have not only opened my eyes to deep-rooted, systemic flaws in ideology and practice, but they have also allowed me to seek out deeper meaning with regard to my current role as a professional of higher education. For my reflective essay I would like to highlight some of my experiences in the field working in continuing education, or non-credit programming for adult learners, and how postmodernist ideology has become a tool through which we seek solutions for those who have been disserviced by our current education system. Specifically, I will reflect on why students are often underserved as a result of traditional educational models, and how continuing education programs offer viable, postmodernist solutions to a broken system.
Postmodernism is in many ways the guiding force behind our course. A principle of thought that rejects absolute truth, I have found that post-modernism is rooted flexibility, reflection, relativity, and revolution. Within the contexts of education, it encourages us to remain flexible in our strategies and to stray away from linear thinking; asks us to reflect on what we believe to be true; promotes the idea that perceptions are relative

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