Education Reform And Its Impact On The Community

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Education reform is a topic that every student, parent and teacher should be interested in because it effects everyone in the community. Many different approaches to education reform have been tried, and even though they seem to work for the time being, there are always more improvements that need to be made. One of the best ideas that has been discussed in the most recent years is getting the parents and students more involved in the actual reform process. Many school administrators see a problem with involving students, even though they are the ones most affected by the changes within schools. Student’s opinions should be taken into consideration because they are the ones who see what happens inside the school and within the classroom, and are the most affected by it. Involving parents and students in the reform of their schools will improve the quality of education, improve parent and teacher relationships and reduce parent and student complaints. Education reform is classified as any work doing to improve schools at any level. “Education reform is any effort determined to engage what currently exists in schools” (Education Reform and Meaningful Student Involvement). Education reform is also known as school transformation or change. Education reform should include everyone at the schools including parents and students. “Research shows that for any school reform to be successful, students must be directly involved” (Weiss). This involvement of students can include…
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