Education Reform Needs For A Higher Education System

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Education reform needs to be one of the top priorities among our country. Our current educational system requires people to pay thousands of dollars for a higher education. Students are forced to take out loans that put them into severe debt for the duration of their live. Low-income students, especially, do not have many options nor are they able to afford higher education and the price is steadily increasing. It is the government’s duty to make this at the forefront of their problems because education is tied to national success, and will only strengthen our country. Like most things, this issue is very heavily divided among partisan lines. With the various views on the matter, it seems only the Democratic party has the best interests of our students. In order to provide a successful national higher education system in which students won’t be in debt trying to acquire a degree, the government has to bring about serious reform. The steps that have been taken include some form of free college for those who simply cannot afford it, providing enough financial aid to make up for the lack there is today, lowering interest rates on loans that cripple our nation in debt, ensuring the needs of low-income families are met, and last but certainly not least providing recent graduates with more job opportunities. There are people in this country who cannot afford to go to college but should be given the right, and free college is a right. Democratic Presidential nominee Bernie
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