Education : Religion And Education

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Religion in Education Public education in America was first founded April 23, 1635 at the Boston Latin School in Boston, Massachusetts. However the “first town in the U.S. to establish a free, tax-supported public school” was founded in 1644 in Dedham, Massachusetts (Walking Tour, 2010). Coincidentally though the teacher in Dedham, the first tax-funded public education, was Rev. Ralph Wheelock. Reverend Wheelock tied together education and religion to efficiently nurture youth to become contributing civil, community members of society and not just to advance technology and science.
As the seed of education in America, Dedham antedating exemplified our current educational system; tax-funded, open to the public, and advanced society as a community. Subsequently, Reverend Wheelock combined what most Americans now believe should be separated, religion and education. Based on a poll conducted by YouGov, “41%” of respondents answered “yes” regarding “the separation of church and state be absolute,” while only “34%” answered “no” (YouGov, 2012).
The separation of church and state has been a tug-o-war battle in America as over the decades Supreme Courts have focused and narrowed in on what defines a “respect” to a religion and what composes a religion as secular (Cornell, 1992). Nonetheless, the establishment of judicial precedent has transformed from adjudicating into legislating public policy. The problem of funding public institutions of education with tax dollars to teach…
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