Education Requirement For My Homeschooling Curriculum

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When I walked through the entrance, my expectations were not that I would find a new start, new friends, or a new me. Little did I know, that would be exactly what happened. Joining the gym was less out of interest or want, but instead to fulfill the physical education requirement for my homeschooling curriculum. I entered as someone who was full of with pain, doubt, and fear; I exited filled with love, strength, and hope.
Admittedly, I was apprehensive attending the initial class. I recall walking in unsteadily and noticing how I was one of only a handful of females and younger than the majority of people. To my right, an octagon shaped cage with wire fencing stood two feet off the ground. Within it, six foot tall, two hundred pound men sparred. Surprisingly, those facts did not help ease the uncomfortable feeling in the pit of my stomach. I thought to myself that fourteen year old me would not fit in with the twenty-something year olds that looked down at me from the cage. Yet, a faint feeling of exhilaration was creeping its way forward as I saw the passion in the fighters’ eyes.
As I continued on in, the sound of blaring rock music and joyful laughter, which could only be that of friends, overwhelmed the space. The atmosphere was warm, though the mats cold under my bare feet. On the walls, posters hung depicting the qualities one should possess. After setting my duffel bag down on the metal shelving in the locker room, I joined the group on the grey and blue mats.…
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