Education Satisfaction of Oversea Student Critical Review

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1. Introduction The economy of China has undergone a significant development since joining the World Trade Organisational on December 11, 2001. A vast number of students are able to study abroad, because their families’ income continues increasing. Under this background, Qinggang Wang (2011), who was an associate professor, studied a project “Chinese students’ satisfaction of the study abroad experience”, with his partner Ross Taplin (2011) who was an accredited statistician and Alistair M. Brown (2011) who was an associate editor. Through this research, the theoretical support was provided to people who would like to know how to promote the students’ satisfaction. Therefore, this research paper evaluated the satisfaction of mainland…show more content…
In order to acquire more useful results, researchers used a quantitative technique that inviting a vast number of students to complete this short survey (Wang, Taplin and Brown 2011). 4. Weaknesses However, some problems were appeared in this research with the new theoretical hypothesis provided. There were four aspects. To start with, it was inappropriate to choose the factors on the basic of social learning theory. Social learning theory discussed the interaction between the individual cognition, individual behaviour and environment factors, and influencing human behaviour from the interaction between these three factors (Ormrod 1999). This theory focused on the learning that occurs within a social context mainly. A social context was made of a vast number of factors. However, in this research, researchers only chose two factors as social factors to assess this programme, such as culture and technical teaching (Wang, Taplin and Brown 2011). Researchers could link between the research and theories carefully. Moreover, it was one-sided to use these factors (preparation, culture and technical teaching) as the factors of affecting the satisfaction of students who studied abroad. For example, previous analysis always focused on the factors from some aspects, such as accommodation, safety, education, social, technology, economic factors and image (Arambewela and Hall 2009). Therefore, in my opinion, researchers
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