Education, Science, And Language Arts Essay

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Education has changed in some aspects of how it is expected to be taught. In the past, during the race to the moon, education was to be taught narrowly in math, science and language arts. The mindset was to expand the amount of knowledge as far as necessary to become an engineer. The children who were smart enough, or motivated enough to do well in these subjects would become engineers while the rest were to take up smaller jobs such as fast food employees. The scale of knowledge was not very broad. In today’s world curriculum is to expand the knowledge of these few subjects to things such as performing arts and history. The focus was on mathematics, science, and language arts in the past. After World War II, the United States of America was in competition with Russia. They were each trying to compete to see who could achieve in worldly events quicker. The race to the moon was the most well-known. When Sputnik was created by the Russians to spy on Americans, the U.S. had no choice but to try and advance the education of the citizens in order to be ahead of the other countries, “dispense an increasing amount of knowledge to an increasing number of people, since more elaborate processes of production require more highly skilled labor.” (Faure, 3) Engineering, back then, was seen as the most advanced career to be able to push ahead of foreign countries. In order to be superior to other countries, and make sure they know that we can and will fight back, to be high
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