Education Should Be Free

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Have you ever argued on why education should be free for all citizens? Well, to name a few ideas I believe that education should be free due to the amount of debt students obtain after graduating college, it would be more affordable, and it’ll give people freedom to explore the talents and try new ideas. I remember having a conversation with my god sister about her getting back in school. I asked her if is she ready to go back and she said, “I would like to go back but I’m already in debt twenty thousand dollars and I’m afraid if I go back then I’ll be in more debt because I don’t get financial aid and school is expensive”. I remember when I was attending University of Michigan-Flint, I would always have to be reporting to the financial office to figure out how was I going to be paying for my education. One day I ended up meeting this guy at the Detroit Economic Club Meeting that Bill Ford host every year. We were just having a conversation about school and he told me the degrees that he has which are a bachelor and masters in bio-engineering he doesn’t even use He said, “It’s good that you’re in school but the main thing is to figure out what you want to do early or you’ll end up like me going to school and being in loads for something that you’ll never use my friend”. Education should be free for all citizens.
According to make lemonade, there is more than forty-four million borrowers with 1.3 trillion in student loan debt in the U.S. alone. It shows that the latest
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